If you've captured the HMS Prince and La Dama Negra from our previous Legendary Ships Wiki for "Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag," chances are the rewards from pirate plundering have left you wanting more.

Good news for you is there are two more Legendary ships waiting for you in the game. Again, unless your Jackdaw is upgraded and ready to fight the big guys, you should not attempt to fight the ships. Legendary ships are strong and have the ability to take you out in just a few blows.

Check out how you can capture the two remaining Legendary ships below, courtesy of IGN. Click here for our previous AC4 Legendary ships walkthrough.


"Best strategy is to chain shoot one and then ram them, once the boat is pinned down continue to use chain shot and ram, making sure the boat doesn't get too far away from you. Another crucial part of the battle is to use brace when your boat is between the two.

"If you destroy one boat before the other, the remaining will employ a different strategy where it will constantly ram you for massive damage, so another strategy is once you've damaged one ship's health to about 10%, start using the chain and ram strategy on the other ship so that once you destroy one ship, you can finish the other one with one or two mortar shots."


"Strategy against it is to shoot chain and then ram where you can, however, given its superior movability compared to the Jackdaw, you will also have to employ cannons and mortars when El Impoluto runs away from you, it will respond with cannons, so remember to use brace when you see cannons coming.

"Another thing to watch out for is when it moves behind you, the best defence to deter it from ramming you is to let off a few fire barrels and let off a mortar to steer it away."