A new study published Tuesday says that a sedentary lifestyle and poor sleeping habits can lead to premature death, according to the Los Angeles TimesSix risk factors were researched in the study, published by PLOS. Smoking, heavy drinking, poor diet and little exercise were among the risk factors considered along with lack of sleep and a sedentary life.

Those who smoked were 90 percent more likely to die during the course of the study, however, when lack of sleep was added to the mix, the risks nearly multiplied by five. The study is suggesting that a combination of different vices and risk factors increases the risk of death.

It took 231,048 Australians aged 45 and up and monitored them from 2006 to 2009, with follow up tracking up until 2014. Twenty-four percent admitted to having two of the bad habits and just over 8 percent admitted to having three. Among the participants, 15,635 died.

The research also stated that "physical inactivity is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and some cancers."

The study is further proof that adhering to a healthy lifestyle is beneficial, and that some bad habits actually may have a "synergistic relationship" like sleep and laziness, according to WBTCertain combinations may be more harmful than others, however.