Hosiery, a clothing staple for many women, can actually be a breeding ground for bacteria, causing acne, urinary tract infections and even yeast infections, according to the Daily Mail.

As colder weather hits, tights, leggings and other synthetic fabrics are being utilized as a fashionable way to stay warm. Many women look at hosiery care much the same as they would a pair of jeans or bra, only washing after a couple of uses, but doctors warn of the apparent dangers associated with tights and leggings.

The synthetic fibers are able to retain warmth and moisture, which is great for breeding bacteria, Dr. Radhika Rible told Everyday Health. Problems can arise, especially if you are wearing them without the extra protection of cotton underwear.

Those who are more susceptible to UTIs and yeast infections must be extra cautious and consider buying tights with a "breathable cotton crotch."

It's also important to note that the buildup of bacteria could actually be giving you unsightly acne on sensitive areas, according to New York Magazine.

Doctors believe that the best way to prevent the bacteria associated hosiery risks is to hand wash them after each use. For extended usage and wearability, it's best to let them air dry.