Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has called for the end of ivory poaching and the killing of elephants in an explosive new video.

The former governor of California has partnered up with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and used TNT to blow up the ivory poaching industry's emblem, which leads to the killing of about 30,000 elephants each year.

"We need to stop killing 96 elephants every day," Schwarzenegger wrote on his official Facebook page. "I couldn't think of a better way to get the message across that we need to stop the ivory trade than... blowing it up."

The star of "The Terminator" franchise also spoke out against big cat poaching in July in the wake of Cecil the lion's death. "Killing a lion isn't ballsy. Protecting big cats is," he said at the time.

About 30,000 elephants die each year due to poaching, and several of their ivory tusks end up in places in hundreds or thousand miles away from where they come from, according to NPR.

Watch the explosive video below: