Online video compilations of cats jumping scared over the sight of cucumbers are currently viral, so much so that cat experts are asking people to stop causing stress unto unsuspecting cats.

"If you cause stress to an animal, that's probably not a good thing. If you do it for laughs it makes me question your humanity," said certified animal behaviorist Jill Goldman, according to The Huffington Post.

The idea of cats getting scared over something as innocent as a cucumber is indeed intriguing, but it is also a bad way to treat your feline pet.

Still, people have become curious as to the reason why cats are seemingly scared of cucumbers, and experts say that it's not about fear but more about the surprise.

Cats associate their feeding spaces with a relaxing, safe and comfortable place, and to suddenly see a cucumber behind them will trigger a surprised reaction from them, especially since they are known to be suspicious and cautious animals, The Inquisitr reported.

Furthermore, some experts say that cats are not specifically afraid of cucumbers, but of anything that sneaks up. Cat expert Roger Mugford even believes that the same response could be solicited if a model spider, a plastic fish or a human face mask was used instead of the cucumber, The Examiner reported.

Cat experts are asking people to stop the cucumber-scaring-cat trend in order to prevent stress or injuries on our feline friends.