A company in Japan has announced that it is nearing the completion of technology that could change the way we log into our favorite devices by using eye scanning technology, according to the Daily Caller.

The iris scanning tech is being developed by the Fujitsu. The company says that it is confident that their technology "enhances the security of the encryption method and protects confidential data, such as IDs and passwords."

So how does it work? The company stated that it takes the scanned biometric data and creates a cryptographic key using a random assortment of numbers.

The company says this method is very safe in protecting assets because even if the data were intercepted by a third party or hacker, the information would be encrypted to the point where it would be useless for the thief.

The Japanese company is not the only one interested in this iris technology, however, with applications sprouting out beyond just cell phones.

American banks, like JP Morgan Chase, the nation's largest bank, and Bank of America, the second largest, are looking into using this tech as well. Citigroup is already experimenting with incorporating the iris tech into their ATM systems, according to Engadget.