Sija and Babyface are star-crossed lovers, two seals who care immensely for each other but due to their circumstances cannot be together. So to keep the seals from careening into a deep depression from being 160 miles apart, their keepers have busted out the best technology they could find, reported People: iPads and FaceTime. Times have changed.

The pair met this past summer at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary in the U.K., and the attraction was instant. It was Romeo and Juliet. It was George and Gracie. It was Anthony and Cleopatra. It was Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming. The love bug definitely bit the two, and they were instantly inseparable.

But in the natural progression of lovers comes making love, and Sija conceived two seal pups, even though she was on a seal contraceptive pill. For whatever reason, this wasn't something the Seal Sanctuary wanted, so they sent poor scarlet-lettered Sija off to live with other female seals at the Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park.

"This is the first time we've ever done anything like this, a seal FaceTime," said Weymouth's sea life display curator, Fiona Smith, according to The Dodo. "It's worked really well. Initially, the seals were a little bit cautious of the screen, but they got more and more curious and started nosing at it and interacting, which is lovely to see."

Hopefully when Sija is feeling incredibly lonely for her true love, noted Geek, her Prince Charming, Babyface, is just one click away.