Silicon Valley is increasingly becoming a chess board for the major players in the mobile device industry. Several days ago, Samsung inaugurated a massive facility in the area, bringing the battle close to its rival, Apple, which - for its part - is building a gigantic "space ship campus" in Cupertino. The moves and counter moves are promising to intensify as Apple is reportedly dropping another "spaceship" at the very heart of Silicon Valley, which is also where Google holds court.

The iPhone manufacturer reportedly inked a deal with Landbank Investment to lease the planned Central & Wolfe campus at Sunnyvale, according to the Silicon Valley Business Journal. The project is a 777,000-square-foot real estate that follows the circular architecture that Apple favored in its Cupertino campus. Check out the architectural rendering of the new facility below.

Central & Wolfe is being touted as "not another box" in its marketing peripherals. Indeed, it promises to stand out in the Silicon Valley skyline dominated by box-like structures. Unlike Apple's headquarters, however, the project involves three curvaceous buildings that collectively resemble a three-petal flower when viewed from above. It does look like a spaceship in certain angles. Some observers believe that the design is what particularly attracted Apple to the building in the first place. The company is, after all, obsessed with details and beautiful architecture, noted Mashable.