The “NBA 2K14” current-gen release is fast approaching and many gamers are preparing themselves for the host of new gameplay features and the amount of smack their going to talk to their friends online. So, to help you prepare, here are the top five teams I think you should use this year in “NBA 2K14”. I’ve already mentioned the Warriors are the best, but here are the other four:

No. 5—The Detroit Pistons:

The Detroit Pistons are revamped this year and will probably make a push for the playoff on the real NBA floor. Therefore, you should use them in “NBA 2K14” for no other reason than to test out just how good they can be. You canuse the new pick-and-roll technology with Josh Smith and Chauncey Billups or Brandon Jennings. Or you can test J-Smoove on the defensive side with the new blocked dunks feature and realistic contests at the rim. Also, when it comes to fast breaks, the athleticism they have now should be pretty fun. “NBA 2K14” is the perfect place to see if you can make Brandon Jennings’ coments about the new Lob City come true.

No. 4—The Houston Rockets:

This may be a little unfair with the addition of Dwight Howard due to the new signature skills that deal with the pick-and-roll. With James Harden and Jeremy Lin running the pick with Dwight, the Rockets could definitely be unstoppable. If there’s anyone who the new defensive upgrades in the post will help, its Dwight Howard. If your using the Rockets your opponent is in for a long game.

 No. 3—The Los Angeles Clippers:

The Clippers were pretty much made for a video game. Just for fun, you should try to see how many screens you can turn into alley-oop dunks with Chris Paul being an excellent pick and roll player (and alley-oop passer) as he lobs the ball to either Blake or DJ. Also, with the additions of Jared Dudley and J.J. Reddick, you may be able to knock down a lot of open threes.

No. 2—The Brooklyn Nets:

There’s going to be a sense of satisfaction on your face when you’re killing your friend at every position on the floor. Maybe you’ll annoy him/her from mid range with KG. Or knock down three after three with Deron Williams. Or pull up off the dribble with Joe Johnson. Or perhaps you’ll terrorize him inside with Brook Lopez. And finally, why not hit the game winner with Paul Pierce? The Nets are going to be both fun to watch this year and fun to use in “NBA 2K14”

No. 1—The Golden State Warriors:

Your opponents will get extremely annoyed when you’re blowing them out with only jump shots from the Splash Brothers. Or you could have Barnes at the four and Iggy at the 3 and have a shooting threat from positions one 1-4. Also, don’t forget that Seth Curry, Steph’s little brother, is on the team now and if he can’t do anything else in the game, we know he can shoot. There’s is a good feeling you get when you beat your opponent by simply shooting the ball. They also have the ability to posterize with Barnes, Bogut or Iggy as well as the ability to score in the post with David Lee. It’s the Warriors’ diversity that makes the them my No. 1 “NBA 2K14” team.

You’ll notice the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder aren’t on this list. Think they should be? Make a case in the comments below.

"NBA 2K14" will hit stores for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4 on October 1. The game will be released for Xbox One on Nov. 22 and PlayStation 4 on Nov. 15.