Miley Cyrus just released her latest music video for her single "Wrecking Ball." She was hyping up the Monday premiere on her Twitter page urging her fans to help her smash the VEVO record she broke when she released "We Can't Stop."

The video has a lot of people buzzing and some of her young fans on the fence about what to think of it. In the video Cyrus sings about heartbreak and a relationship ending as she rides a giant wrecking ball completely naked and licks a sledge hammer.

Some people thought it was artistic and beautifully done while others felt it was just another raunchy stunt by the former Disney star.

"Wrecking Ball video is cool," one fan posted on Twitter.

"Great now everytime [sic] I listen to the song Wrecking Ball, I'm going to think of Miley Cyrus being naked," another tweeted.

The 20-year-old singer revealed on Twitter that the video was directed by Terry Richardson which explains the highly sexualized manner and nudity but a source told Hollywood Life that Cyrus was going for something much deeper than stripping for the camera.

"Miley has shot with Terry a lot over the years so she's very comfortable with him and she trusts him," a source said. "She chose him to direct her video because he's all about pushing boundaries and making a statement. That's what Miley's into right now.

"Miley loved the idea of going naked because it suits the song," the source continued. "She's showing her naked emotions. It's her vulnerable side and it's not something she shows very often, so having nudity made sense."

A tweet has been surfacing on the Internet that supposedly breaks down the true meaning of the video. It explains that Cyrus was kissing the sledge hammer to represent that she "secretly still loves the pain," she was naked to show how the love destroyed and hurt her and the wrecking ball was symbolic of a destructive love.

According to Hollywood Life the song is very personal to Cyrus. A source told the celebrity website that when Richardson wanted her to cry he told her to think about losing Liam Hemsworth and she broke down in tears.

"It was very intense and wasn't an act," the source said. "Even though she was happy and in a good mood, it only took like two seconds for her to start crying."