Arizona man, Kenneth Dale Wakefield, admitted to the crime of beheading his wife and their two dogs, which was covered previously by HNGN. He said that he did the crime because he was trying "to get the evil out" of his wife based on the documents released by court on Monday, Reuters reported. Forty-three-year-old Wakefield also confessed to smoking marijuana and the synthetic drug Spice an hour before the slaughter inside his home last month. 

The Wakefield is charged with first-degree murder and two counts of animal cruelty. He was officially locked in Maricopa County Jail on Aug. 1 under a $2 million bond that was declared by the court.

The suspect has a background of mental illness and was just released from the Arizona State Hospital. Wakefield also injured himself after the incident by cutting one of his arms just below his elbow and gouging one of his eyes. 

During his first appearance in court, Wakefield moaned loudly while the prosecutor was recounting the crimes he is being accused of. A video shows Wakefield covering his mouth and then moaning for a while, according to Q13 Fox News.

On July 25, George Loney checked up on his neighbors after not hearing from them for a few days. When he got inside their residence, he was welcomed with the disfigured Wakefield and a pool of blood inside his home. He then immediately called the police. Loney recalled, "He told me he killed three of his family members but that God had forgiven him so it was OK," New York Daily News reported. 

The Arizona man admitted to stabbing his wife, Trina Heisch, 45, before decapitating her. He hid the bodies of his wife and the two dogs inside their closet. 

Wakefield's name was not released prior his conviction.