The suspect in a Saturday rape and murder in Zambales, Philippines, has escaped. Verified by the Bureau of Immigration, Jonathan Dwayne Ciocon Viane, 29, fled the Philippines Sunday. The Filipino-American suspect, who was identified after a witness stepped up, is from Anchorage, Ala., reported ABS-CBN News.

Viane reportedly raped and murdered 23-year-old Karieces "Aika" De Dios Mojica of Subic. She was found dead along a dike near the Santo Tomas River in San Felipe with three gunshot wounds to the head and with cable-bound feet. Chief Inspector Rolando Ballon of the San Felipe Police said, "We were able to crack the case after the suspect's 17-year-old girlfriend turned witness through the help of Olongapo Mayor Rolen Paulino." The unnamed witness identified Viane as the killer together with one Nino Dela Cruz, according to Subic Bay News.

The witness testified that Mojica was helping Viane's ex-wife, Liane Ramilla, who is living in Illinois, in locating their child that was brought by Viane to the Philippines without the ex-wife's consent.

The witness told authorities that she left Mojica around 3 a.m. Saturday with the suspects to discuss the matter. By 7:30 a.m., after the murder was done, Viane called the witness and they went to his aunt's house where he panicked after realizing what he had done. Viane then gave the other suspect, Dela Cruz, money and sent him to a bus station to flee the city, added Subic Bay News. Viane fled the country the next day.

The friends of the victim are asking for help on Facebook in locating the suspects who still remain free. The police are still investigating the case and Mojica's family continue to disseminate photos of the two suspects to aid in their capture, according to Kicker Daily News.