Sharon Stone Chooses To Forgive And Forget; Responds To Madonna’s Claim Of Calling Her And Whitney Houston Mediocre In A Note

By Carie P. | Jul 14, 2017 08:27 PM EDT

Sharon Stone just fired back at Madonna for calling her and Whitney Houston mediocre in a note before. The reports added that the actress chose to forgive and forget instead and not to reignite a feud with the singer.

It was reported on Perez Hilton that Gotta Have Rock and Roll, an online auction website will be selling a letter on July 19. This letter or note I from the early 1990s where Madonna shared to her ex-boyfriend, John Enos how frustrated was she in her career. In this note, she also mentioned Sharon Stone and Whitney Houston as horrible mediocre. The singer also added that her unique talents are not being appreciated and accepted by the people.

It was also found out that the said letter was written by Madonna after she released her Erotica album and her once controversial 1992 Sex photo book. This letter was provided and revealed by Madonna's art consultant and a personal friend Darlene Lutz.

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The controversial letter stated how Madonna felt bad on the progress of her career and then slammed Whitney Houston and Sharon Stone for calling them as "horribly mediocre". The "Material Girl" singer claimed that these two popular personalities achieved the success she desires.

According to Madonna, people were becoming angry because she was just sitting quietly in a corner doing nothing while other less and interesting people were reaping and enjoying the gains and rewards of the roads she had paved in the first place. She also mentioned Elvis Presley and compared this to how the black people felt when Elvis became a popular and huge star.

After that, Queen of Pop hit Whitney Houston by saying that the latter has the music career she wished she had while she said that Sharon Stone had the film career she will never have. Then Madonna went on claiming that it was not because she wanted to be like these two women since she would rather die than become like them. But the two were so horribly mediocre and they were being looked up to as models of virtue and some sort of humiliating her.

But recently, Sharon Stone just took to her Facebook account her response regarding this and she had surprising words for her friend. In a form of what can be called a s a twist, the actress said that she was actually envious of Madonna's rock star career and that she sometimes thinks of herself as someone who is also mediocre.

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