Madonna just posted throwback photos of her and her adopted children which looked extremely adorable. Apart from this, the singer's newly-adopted twins also posed for their first picture together with their elder step-siblings.

Madonna adopted Stella and Esther Mwale from Malawi just weeks ago and she took the opportunity to joyfully welcome them into her family. The two little girls gave big smiles as they sat on the knees of their big brother David Banda and big sister Mercy James.

Mercy was adopted by the 58-year old singer last 2009 and she managed to flash a cheeky grin as she held her little sister. David, on the other hand mimicked her pose while also cuddling the other twin as reported by The Sun.

Through her adorable post, Madonna gave her fans an insight into her children's happy night as well as their life. She also captioned the photos with meaningful words telling that the revolution of love begins at home.

After that, the singer and the mom of six followed her post with another throwback shot which showed her kneeling on the floor while she was in Africa. In the said photo, her two girls can be seen in her background playing and she captioned it with: "Already missing this beautiful place! The warm heart of Africa."

People have observed that Madonna has been flooding her account with new and old snaps showing her adorable children. Her posts suddenly gained a lot of comments from fans and one even commented and admired how beautiful her children are.

Apart from that, the twins also shared their vocal talents when they did a rendition of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." Their rendition was accompanied by a piano and it looked like they were performing for their mother who also posted the video on her Instagram.

Madonna also shared together with the pictures that she had completed the process of adopting the twins from Malawi. She likewise expressed her joy now that they are already part of the family.

She further expressed her gratefulness to all people in Malawi who helped make the adoption possible. Then Madonna requested the media to respect their privacy as they go through the transitional time.