In April, Beyonce released her Lemonade album which had massive sales. While the album was a success by any standard, its title is painfully suitable since the story of Lemonade is the story of Beyonce squeezing a positive outcome from a negative situation.

Of course, the lyrics never directly pointed Jay Z as a cheater, but it was pretty clear to anyone who listened that something is wrong between Beyonce and her husband and that Jay's wandering eye was to blame.

The album had tabloid reporters and social media interested in unscrambling the identity of "Becky with the good hair" - Beyoncé's mocking nickname for the woman Jay's allegedly cheated on her.

Dozens of theories come up and most of them were a famous woman that Jay had spent a lot of time with in a professional way.

The possible mistresses ranged from the highly believable Rihanna to the almost impossible Madonna, and anyone with the slightest interest in the first couple of hip hop wanted to share their speculation.

As time was passing, the cheating allegations against Jay faded from the headlines just like all other minor celebrity scandals.

However, the file has been reopened recently and the public interest renewed thanks to accusation published by The Daily Mail.

Reportedly, Anthony Pazos, Hollywood hairdresser who styled Beyonce for the Super Bowl and her most recent VMAs appearance claims to have info about Jay's infidelity.

"The rumors while we were working were that the one line 'Becky with the good hair' is Kris Jenner," claims Pazos, who styled Bey for both the Super Bowl and her most recent VMAs appearance.

"The funny thing about it is that no one believes that because they are like Jenner is older - why would Jay-Z do that?" Pazos says.

"But if you think about it, it makes perfect sense."

According to The Hollywood Gossip, it doesn't make any sense at all. The reporter doesn't think that anyone would stray from Beyonce and that Jay Z wouldn't risk with the mother of his friend's wife, "who's best known for finding her daughters' coattails."

Pazos continues, "Kris does have good hair and 'Becky' always refers to a white woman in the African American community. Becky is a generic white name for somebody - a white girl."

The reporter from The Hollywood Gossip thinks that Beyonce certainly would be a lot more subtle and a lot more clever instead of filling her lyrics with DaVinci Code-like clues that her husband's cheating partner Kris Jenner.

We also doubt that Beyonce would just openly discuss her husband's affair backstage at the VMAs and her hairdresser was the only one with big ears and the nerve to come forward.

What do you think? Is Jay Z really cheating on Beyonce with Kris Jenner?