English actor Idris Elba, who made his kickboxing debut in London recently, has shut rumourmongers with just one tweet. "Am I sleeping with Madonna? No motherfuckers... Don't believe the Hype" he wrote on his Twitter handle. Elba won the fight and Madonna's heart too.

Speculations started rife when Madonna was spotted at Elba's kickboxing match. According to the Daily Mail UK, the couple was spotted smooching at a Halloween party celebrating the win. Sources further added that after the kiss, the couple enjoyed a dance together on the floor.

For the special night, the pop queen was dressed elegantly in a back fur jacket while Elba was clad in a brown leather jack and black trousers. The two, apparently, looked very comfortable in each other's company.

But, these speculations have not gone too well with Elba, and he hit back with one blunt tweet.

Things went further awry, when Madonna posted a video of Elba's fight on her Instagram account. Soon, media speculated the 44-year old actor and 58-year old singer as an item.

TMZ stated that Madonna is in awe of Elba's every single move and she even shared an intimate selfie of them lying comfortably on the floor.

However, Elba's strong denial of the dating rumors has further hiked the confusion. Media is sceptical about the denial especially after the couple's public display of love.

A report on ParentHerald quoted that "a number of eyewitnesses have claims of Idris Elba, Madonna dating. The couple allegedly slept together and left many wondering if money is involved."

Interestingly, Madonna and Elba are no strangers to each other, they have been friends for few years now. A year ago, Elba tweeted a picture of him holding hands with Madonna on the stage during one of her shows.

Still, the star singer is yet to deny or accept the dating rumors.