Qatar To Pursue Multi-Billion Compensations Claims Against Four Arab States Laying Siege To Its Economy

By Carie P. | Jul 10, 2017 09:38 AM EDT

Qatar reportedly is seeking compensation claims against the four Arab States which have laid siege on the country's economy because of an allegation. With this report, it was said that the country organized a special committee in order for them to pursue a multi-billion claims against the four Aran nations.

Moreover, Economic Times reported that the attorney general of Qatar also mentioned that the country will add more costly legal dimension to the conflict which involved the country and its rivals United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. This move came after these four Arab nations implemented policies which greatly affected the economy and trade of Qatar.

It can be recalled that the four Arab states presented Qatar their 13 list demands but Qatar ignored those demands and opted to go into a diplomatic dialogue than to heed to those demands. But part of those demands included compensation form Doha for the allegation that the country interfered with their internal affairs.

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This conflict among the Gulf states started when reports escalated that Qatar is a supported to global terrorism. Even if the country already denied this allegation, still those four Arab nations were firm in their decision to impose certain policies on Qatar that will put pressure on its economy and trade. This conflict put the relationship of those west's key Gulf allies at risk.

Further, the attorney general of Qatar even said that the compensation claims will be made based on the businesses which were affected by the air and land embargo imposed by the four Arab states. But the fur states shared that what they did was no a blockade but just a boycott. Still, Qatar established a central committee to discuss the possible claims.

To avoid the worsening of this conflict between Qatar and the Arab states, Kuwait served as the mediator and dealt with plans on how this can be resolved. Apart from that, Rex Tillerson, the US Secretary of Sates visited the Gulf region in order to determine what he can still do to add to the mediation.

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