Chocolate Can Boost Cognitive Function Within Hours Of Consumption, Latest Review Confirms

By Carie P. | Jul 03, 2017 04:51 PM EDT

The latest review just claimed and proved that consuming chocolates within few hours will actually help in improving and boosting one's cognitive functions. It was discovered by researchers that cocoa flavanols can enhance the function and activity of the brain of humans.

Apart from this finding, the researchers were also able to find out that regular and long-term intake of cocoa flavanols or chocolates can protect and defend against cognitive decline. This is because the flavanols are already naturally occurring compounds already produced by some plants. The highest levels of these natural compounds are found in the beans of the cocoa tree.

As it was already revealed on Medical News Today that it can boost the cognitive function of one person, it was also uncovered that flavanols can also lessen the effects of cell damage because of oxidative stress. This means that chocolates also have the ability to reduce the effects of aging because of its antioxidant properties.

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The benefits of chocolates to the health are also extensive in such a way that aside from improving cognitive functions and delaying aging, flavanols can also enhance the function of the blood vessel. Since hypertension is one of the leading causes of death around the globe, flavanols can also be helpful as it was found out that it can lower blood pressure.

This latest study about the health advantages of chocolates was conducted by Valentina Socci from the University of L'Aquila in Italy along with some colleagues. But the team of researchers was not contented in the result since they likewise wanted to delve deeper and determine the specific cognitive functions affected by cocoa flavanols.

Besides planning to determine the specific cognitive functions affected by chocolates, the researchers also wanted to know if the effects are processed immediately. They will answer these additional queries in their study by performing an extensive review of some past and related studies on cocoa flavanols.

But the researchers wanted to know how cocoa flavanols or chocolates can affect the cognitive function within just hours of consuming it. With this, chocolate-lovers would no longer need to put some extra caution in taking in this much-loved food.

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