People now have another reason to skip exercising and other forms of physical workout to eat chocolates and chocolate-containing products. A new study has claimed that consuming cocoa may be actually more beneficial to the health of an individual than spending time at the gym.

According to a new study, eating chocolates may be better for the health of an individual that wasting an hour doing physical workout. The researchers claim that chocolates containing coca are even better than an intense cardio blast session at the local gym.

The study, published in the journal Nature has claimed that cocoa is excellent for brain health as it helps improve brain function. On the other hand, exercising is just great for the overall health of the body and it does not have any impact on the brain of an individual.

Since chocolates help improve brain function of the consumer, the researchers recommend people to consume at least one serving of dark chocolate in a day. The researchers believe that this will help fetch the benefits of cocoa.

However, before stopping exercising completely, people must know that for reaping the benefits of cocoa in terms of improved brain function, they will have to consume tons of chocolates. This is evident from the fact that people who participated in the study were made to consume one kilogram of unsweetened cocoa nips to see the impact.

During the study, 50 percent of the participants were given a small dose of a compound extracted from the pure cacao powder called flavanols. The remaining 50 percent of the participants were given a high dosage of the compound.

People who received less dosage of the compound showed a small improvement in brain function. On the other hand, the reverse effect was observed in people who were given a high amount of flavanols. This made researchers believe that any amount of compound helps improve brain function.