Adam Legrand, 41, and Hannah Smith, 37, lay in a state of semi-consciousness in their car after ingesting heroin, in front of their 5-year-old boy, who doesn't know what his parents are doing or what happened to them after.

The shocking incident took place in Burlington, Vt. Parking lot last Tuesday. Both the accused took a shot of heroin while they were in the car with their son. However, according to the police report, they didn't appear high when they arrived at the spot as they responded normally to Narcan treatment.

Once the parents were sent off to a hospital, the child was sent into custody of a relative and the matter has already been reported to the State Department for Children and Families. Parents will likely be charged with child abuse for causing mental injury to their son.

"Mental Injury means harm to a child's psychological or intellectual functioning which may be exhibited by severe anxiety, depression, withdrawal or outward aggressive behavior, or a combination of those behaviors, which may be demonstrated by a change in behavior, emotional response, or cognition..." U.S. Code § 3509

This incident is extremely shocking as the child's cognitive process may have been deeply impacted due to shock. Child abuse is a heinous crime and law observes no excuse, no matter what the parents have to say. Their actions have already scarred the boy for life.