United Airlines’ SkyWest flight 5869’s Left Engine Catches Fire; Passengers Evacuated Safely

By Dipannita | Jul 03, 2017 03:33 PM EDT

The engine of a United Airlines passenger flight caught fire shortly after it landed at the Denver airport. Passengers who were on the flight were evacuated safely and as per Denver International Airport officials, investigations to find the exact cause is underway.

According to Business Insider, the engine of a United Airlines' SkyWest flight 5869 caught on fire at the Denver International Airport, on Sunday. Though the exact time when the engine caught fire is unknown, one passenger has stated that the left engine caught fire after it landed at the airport.

Notably the flight arrived from Aspen, Colorado, which is just about 200 miles away. This has the airport officials wondering the exact cause that led to the fire in the engine. The airport officials have said that investigations are being conducted by Denver Fire to find the exact reason that led to the fire.

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In similar reports from CBS News, it has been said that all the 59 passengers who were on board when the left engine caught fire were safely evacuated. No passenger was injured in the process. Moreover, a passenger also took to Twitter to praise the quick action of the pilot and the crew who helped all in the evacuation process and also got the passengers to a safe place.

The report further states that the Heath Montgomery, the airport spokesman at Denver has said that the United Airlines' SkyWest flight 5869 had arrived at 2:15 p.m at the Denver International Airport and the Denver Fire Department promptly took action to extinguish the fire and also ensure the safety of the passengers. Additionally, he said that the operation of the other flights from the airport remained unaffected.

It must be mentioned that the United Airlines aircraft has been shifted to a hanger. Further investigations will be made to ascertain the reason that led to the fire in the left engine.

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