Group of 3 Young Hikers Spot Mysterious Object While They Were Lost Hiking In Blue Hills

By Dipannita | Jun 12, 2017 05:32 PM EDT

In an impromptu hiking idea, three young hikers set out to enjoy a view from the Blue Hills Reservation, near Boston. Their gig turned out to be fruitful as they saw UFOs, even though they were unprepared for such an encounter and lacked basic equipment like a flashlight and fully charged phones.

According to reports from Boston Globe, a team of three young hikers, Ramona DiFrancesco, Savannah Winship-Cody and Travis Stoecklin and went hiking on Blue Hills, near Boston on Thursday. The trio reportedly went to hunt UFOs and to enjoy the view from the place, but they got stranded. Moreover, they did not have any basic equipment like the flashlight. The report further stated that after it got dark and their phones were dying, they reached out for help.

The Massachusetts State Police stated that around 10 p.m, they received a report that mentioned about a lost hiker's group. And, to search for the hikers, a helicopter, as well as, a group of officials with K-9 units was deployed. It was around 10:35 p.m. that the trio was found on the Buck Hill, where they ascended to enjoy the view.

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Notably, all the three young hikers are from Plymouth and after they were rescued, they stated that they came across UFOs. Ramona DiFrancesco, one of the teenager, also showed photos of the mysterious objects that they saw while they were hiking, that they had captured using a Nikon camera, Fox News reported.

Stoecklin and Cody, further stressed that the road was rocky and slippery, but it was worth the efforts as they saw a UFO and even though it was a bit creepy. DiFrancesco also expressed regret that they were not carrying flashlights and said, "Well, we saw these two ships that had these like bright spotlights and then we saw this like a weird orb that was like a spotlight, sort of."

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