Samsung Galaxy Note8 Might Be Launched Without Under-Glass Sensor; To Be Released In August

By Carie P. | Jun 09, 2017 05:52 PM EDT

Samsung just launched its Galaxy S8 but the fingerprint scanner is on the back and reports circulated that the reason for this was because it cannot be placed under the screen. With this, it was also claimed that the Galaxy Note8 might not have it as well because the company is still struggling with the development of the under-glass sensor.

Because of this, the company received a lot of backlash and criticisms but experts said that Samsung has the capability to create and develop the scanner. The only problem which was foreseen in the first place was related to security.

Aside from the security-related issues, GSM Arena claimed that the absence of this scanner under the screen of the Galaxy Note8 was because of some other reasons. Some said that the device will not be able to get and process if the user is trying to lock or unlock the device or merely using it.

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Despite this glitch, Samsung Galaxy Note8 is set to be launched this coming September. The device will come with great features like its 6.3 inches display or screen plus its dual camera at the back of the said device.

Even if there was a reported glitch, Samsung assured the customers and clients that the Galaxy Note8 will come sooner than expected. It was then revealed that the availability of the said device might be this second half of the year though there were no specific details provided with regards to the launch date.

But Express claimed that Samsung already settled on a specific month with regards to the launching of the Galaxy Note8. It was speculated that the said device will be launched this August ahead of the September release date for the iPhone 8.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Note8 is said to be tested on Android Nougat 7.1.1 and not the Android O. Because of this, some were saying that perhaps the company is trying to release the said device before the Android O will be launched.

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