Samsung just launched an addition to its Notebook 9 laptop series with its news Notebook 9 Pro and users were thrilled once again. With its launching, reports were rife that the new series includes an embedded S Pen beside from the company's goal to incorporate a Windows Ink platform.

After it was revealed to the public and to the Samsung devices users, it was reported that the most significant feature of the Notebook 9 Pro is its embedded S Pen which comes in a complete stylus incorporating a 360-egree hinge.

The Verge reported that Samsung is really doing its best to continually produce good impression for its customers and clients. That's why the mot significant feature of the Notebook 9 Pro is not even enough. There were reports circulating that the company is pushing hard on its Windows Ink Platform.

It can be recalled that Samsung first used the stylus in its Note smartphone lineup and this feature has never been applied to its other devices. That's why with the launching of the Notebook 9 Pro, users were amazed since this has been incorporated already into a laptop.

To make this embedded S Pen work more efficiently, there were reports escalating that the Samsung S Pen is compatible with Windows Ink and also features an Air Command. These additional features will make it easy for the user to gain the access menu for editing and drawing.

Moreover, the embedded S Pen was developed and designed in order to fully work with the Samsung's Notebook 9 Pro's 360-degree touchscreen display. This remarkable feature will also enable the user to draw in tent, tablet laptop or even in display mode.

What even makes this embedded S Pen feature on Samsung's Notebook 9 Pro is that the user can use it for a long period of time. Engadget claimed that the S Pen will stay on and the user needs not to charge the said device frequently unlike the traditional retro pens.

Apart from the embedded S Pen, the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro also boasts more features like its Windows 10 Home OS, Intel Core i7-7500U processor, plus a USB-C port. Lastly, the said device also comes in two sizes, the 13.3-inch model, and the 15-inch model.