‘Gray Death’ The Most Lethal Opioid Combo In 20 Years: Combo Has The Deadliest Combination Of Drugs

By Dipannita | May 06, 2017 09:08 AM EDT

The newest opioid combo that is changing the definition of addiction in the U.S is "gray death." Investigators have blamed this new combo for several cases of overdose in Ohio, Georgia and Alabama. And, according to Georgia Bureau of Investigation, "gray death" is the most deadly opioid combo that has been seen in around 20 years.

"Gray death" the new opioid combo that is all set to change the definition of addiction is here. This lethal combo resembles a concrete mix and the consistency can vary from chunky and hard material to a powder with fine consistency, Chicago Tribune reported. Moreover, in the Atlanta region, 50 cases of overdose were reported in the last three month that involved the use of "gray death."

According to reports, this combo comprises of several substances of which some are known but some are still unknown. The known substances are heroin, carfentanil, fentanyl as well as U-47700, which is a synthetic opioid. Notably, Deneen Kilcrease, who is the chemistry section's manager at Georgia Bureau of Investigation states that since some of the ingredients of "gray death" is unknown, it makes it even more lethal.

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Kilcrease further stresses that "gray death" is the most deadly opioid combo that has been seen in the last years of forensic chemistry drug analysis. Additionally, the strength of the drugs is so strong that a simple touch can put a person at risk as it can be absorbed through the skin, Orlando Sentinel has learned.

It must be mentioned here that it was last year that the U.S. Drug Enforcement categorized U-47700 as the most dangerous drug as it had caused a lot of fatalities in New York and North Carolina. With this as one substance in the new substance combo, "gray death" its potency to cause harm further increases.

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