Mumbai's Saifee hospital has discharged Eman Ahmed. The world's heaviest woman who had flown in from Egypt to India for her treatment and lost 328 kgs has now moved to UAE for further treatment and special arrangements were made to make her departure smoother.

A lighter Eman Ahmed has been discharged by Saifee hospital, Mumbai after losing 328 kgs and now she will be flying off to UAE for the next stage of treatment at Burjeel Hospital. According to Economic Times, special arrangements were made by the hospital and state authorities to make her exit smoother and a green corridor was created from the hospital's gate till the airport. The flight was also fitted with medical equipment.

Notably, the 37-year-old-Egyptian national was receiving treatment for severe obesity at the hospital since February under the supervision of bariatric surgeon Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala. She reportedly lost 328 kgs during the treatment but the hospital came under fire after her sister Shaimaa alleged that the doctors were making false claims and were only using her sister for publicity, The Tribune reported.

However, the South Mumbai hospital denied her allegations saying that she was doing this to extend the stay of her sister. Dr. Lakdawala also refuted the charges and according to him, Ahmed now weighs 170 kg. He also wrote on his blog that the Burjeel Hospital had assured him that Ahmed will be able to stand and walk on her legs.

Clarifying the controversy, he made it clear that Shaimaa wanted Ahmed to stay till she was fit enough to walk but the hospital disagreed as they did not want to put her at risk. This caused some friction and led to all the brouhaha.

It may be mentioned here that Eman Ahmed suffered from a rare obesity condition that had restricted her to her house for more than twenty years. It was only after Shaimaa got to know about Dr. Lakdawala that she approached him for her sister's treatment.