Jennifer Aniston's Hollywood Career Might Be Over; Justin Theroux's Wife Busy With Commercial Works [Report]

By Carie P. | Apr 20, 2017 09:06 AM EDT

Jennifer Aniston seemed to be struggling in her career these days as reports were telling that no movies have lined up for her but only commercials. The actress just finished doing another commercial for a certain product while her career in Hollywood starts to flop.

According to some reports, Jennifer Aniston is having a hard time getting a break in the big screens. It can be recalled that most of her movies in the past months or even years did not make good in the box office. With this, the actress is confronted with choices of either going back to the small screens or stick with the commercials.

There is no doubt that Jennifer Aniston's performance in the film, "Cake" was outstanding and even gained praises from a lot of critics. But again this film did not even help her to bag even one award. This was the reason she also switched to doing comedy films but still, this was not enough to save her career on the big screen.

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Now, as her husband Justin Theroux is currently involved in some series, Jennifer Aniston is left doing some sorts of commercials. Her latest advertisement is with Smartwater company as per Daily Mail. Though she looks splendid in the said commercials, still, some critics were telling that this is an embarrassment for her. In the mentioned campaign, the actress is seen holding a bottle of water while walking her dog, on the red carpet, and even during a dinner party.

Some people are telling that this commercial looks odd especially for someone like Jennifer Aniston. She has been regarded as one of the biggest names in the industry and yet she is struggling to find a decent work in Hollywood.

For the past years, Jennifer Aniston made it clear to everyone that she has been finding it hard to become an A-list star in the industry. But with Justin Theroux beside her, people, as well as her fans, are hoping that she can be encouraged to go back to the television instead.

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