A woman who said she's a former NASA employee - referring to herself as "Jackie" - placed a call to Coast to Coast AM and claimed she saw two humans walking on Mars towards the Viking lander in 1979, the International Business Times reported on Wednesday.

She told the radio host that she had worked alongside NASA and that she was tasked with handling the downlink telemetry from the ladder. She wanted the radio host to solve a 27-year-old mystery for her on air.

As she was finishing her tasks, she said she saw two humans walking across the planet's surface. Her fellow NASA workers were watching Viking rover footage from its trip to the planet and noticed the two men in spacesuits on multiple screens walking across the horizon. The men' suits looked like space protective gear, but not what you would expect astronauts to wear.

The equipment's video suddenly cut off and when she ran upstairs, her and her colleagues found that the door was locked and a window was covered so nothing could have been seen through. NASA has yet to comment on the claim, so she asked the radio show host if the two men she saw were from NASA.

"There were probably about half a dozen of us downstairs," "Jackie" told Metro News. "We were just maintaining the equipment. Then they cut off our video feed."

Conspiracy theorists claim there were secret missions to Mars in the 1960's, and that humans did walk on the planet. Some feel the Apollo landings were used to distract people from noticing NASA's other space missions.

John Lear, a former CIA pilot, said that he believes NASA touched down on Mars as early as 1966 and that humans were capable of breathing the thin air on the planet. But he also believes that when humans die, their souls go to the moon to be processes inside a tower of glass.