Season 4 of "Revenge" might be the end of the road for Victoria Grayson. Madeleine Stowe, who plays Victoria, told E! News that "there are going to be deaths" this season and teased that her character could be killed.  

"I wouldn't be surprised if Victoria's one of them," Stowe said.

If Victoria does bite the bullet on Season 4, it probably won't happen anytime soon.

"She has a lot of interesting paths, a dramatic history, that hasn't actually come to the fore yet," she said about Victoria. "Probably more will come...She had a very demented early background, very tortured and had been used over and over and over again and I think Emily and Victoria are very similar creatures."

Stowe also said she thinks the series could have ended with the Season 3 finale, sentiments her costar Emily VanCamp (Emily Thorne aka Amanda Clark) also shared.

"I think they ended it very well last season," she told E!. "But I think that they feel there's much more to reveal and if the network will go with it, as they've somewhat promised, you're going to find that maybe what Emily believes to be true is not the whole truth."

Last season ended with the appearance of David Clarke (James Tupper), who everyone thought was dead. VanCamp previously told TV Guide that as far as her character was concerned, she had got what she looking was for: revenge.

"Last season's finale was one of my favorite episodes to date, and to me, that would have been an amazing series finale," she told TV Guide. "Because that's what it was all about for Emily: She accomplished what she set out to do. So this season has been very tricky to approach. Where is she at now?"

Stowe told E! that she's not sure what direction the show is headed in this season, but she can "guarantee...that you'll be very surprised. I will say that it appears that David and Victoria have some sort of sadomasochist relationship."