Christmas gatherings across the world are all about family and food. Every country has unique holiday traditions, and they also serve eccentric dishes for their loved ones to enjoy.

Here's a look at some of the most unique Christmas foods being served in countries like China, Japan, Greenland, Norway, Russia, and South Africa.

South Africans eat worms on Christmas

The thought of eating worms on Christmas might seem too exotic for some people's tastes, but this is a normal practice in South Africa.

However, locals do not just eat any type of worm. Instead, they devour Mopane worms, which are the caterpillar of the Gonimbrasia Belina moth.

The harvesting of Mopane worms starts in November and then they are preserved for the rest of the year.

Some South African homes cook their Mopane worms with onions and tomatoes but others just enjoy it like any other delicacy.

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Japanese go gaga for KFC during the holidays

KFC is one of the most common fast foods across the world. In fact, it's too common that no many people dine there on special occasions.

In Japan, KFC releases a Christmas bucket meal that's unlike the usual fried chicken sold in the store.

It's reportedly so famous to the point that locals have to book a seat or reserve a slot months before to be able to bring home a bucket to their families on Christmas Day.

Chinese nationals exchange apples with special markings

Just like KFC, apples don't seem like a big deal. But the same cannot be said about the apples that are given to families on Christmas Day.

These special apples are not only sweet and juicy, they are also adorned with Hanzi or Chinese characters that boast of well-wishes for peace and prosperity not only on Christmas Day but the rest of the year.

Norwegians eat sheep's head during the holidays

Norwegians are known for eating a sheep dish called Smalahove, which is typically served with potatoes and rutabaga, according to CDA.

Locals usually eat this dish on the Sunday before Christmas but there are also a lot of families in Norway that serve this on Christmas Day.

What makes this dish unique has to do with how it's served. Norwegians first eat the eyes and the ears of the sheep because this is considered a delicacy.

After which, they typically eat the meat from the skull starting from the front and all the way to the back.

Tourists that visit Norway during the festive season also get to taste this delicacy because it's available everywhere.

Whale dishes are famous in Greeland

Mattak and kiviak are two dishes that are served to locals and tourists that flock to Greenland during the holidays.

Mattak is a strip of skin taken from the white whale. After it is cooked, it is served into bite-size chunks for everyone to enjoy.

Kiviak, on the other hand, is the flesh of a small arctic bird that is stuffed inside a sealskin. The latter is buried for months so that it can undergo the process of fermentation, according to Delighted Cooking.

All these dishes and delicacies are unique to the countries mentioned above. One can only hope to get to try them all one day!

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