Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley recently released a statement explaining why he was absent during two crucial games this season.

On his Twitter account, the 26-year-old said that he has decided to step away from football for the time being so that he could focus on his mental health.

Unfortunately, Ridley didn't say when he plans to return to his team.

"These past few weeks have been very challenging and as much as I'd like to be on the field competing with my teammates, I need to step away from football at this time and focus on my mental wellbeing. This will help me be the best version of myself now and in the future," he said via CNN.

Calvin Ridley his loved ones' support

Ridley also took the opportunity to thank the Atlanta Falcons organization, its fans, his family, and friends for their support during this challenging time.

Prior to his statement, Ridley was declared inactive by the Falcons during Sunday's game against the Carolina Panthers. He didn't also join his team when they traveled to London on Oct. 10 to compete against the New York Jets.

But Ridley returned to the field on Oct. 24 where his team played against the Miami Dolphins.

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Following his revelation, Ridley received support from his teammates, as well as his former head coach, Dan Quinn.

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan said that he and his team love and support Ridley. Ryan also called him a great friend and a great person.

Quinn, on the other hand, revealed that he reached out to Ridley after reading the latter's statement.

The Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator said that he decided to reach out to see if there's anything he could do for Ridley. Quinn also said that he loves and he's proud of him for prioritizing his mental health, according to USA Today.

Lane Johnson also struggled with mental health

Ridley isn't the only NFL star that has been struggling with his mental health.

Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson recently opened up about his battle with anxiety following a three-game absence.

According to ESPN, Johnson experienced severe withdrawal symptoms after he stopped taking his SSRI medication, which is a type of antidepressant.

He said that he suffered from flu-like symptoms that just wouldn't go away. This is something that he had been dealing with for over two months, but things became much worse on Oct. 3, which is the week leading up to his game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

So, on the day of the game, he decided to return home to Oklahoma and told his parents what he had been going through.

He later returned to Philadelphia but had to miss three games until his symptoms subsided.

Brandon Brooks experienced similar symptoms

Just like him, Brandon Brooks was also forced to miss multiple games throughout the span of his career due to his struggles with anxiety.

Brooks and Johnson both vomited before games and talked to each other about their struggles.

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