A new kind of virulent COVID-19 type does happen as it evolves. Despite the spate of inoculations to prove everyone against the virus, nature will come up with a standard countermeasure, but it does not mean all are deadly.

Thus far, efforts to contain the pandemic by disseminating antibodies in this way appear to work, yet recent research suggests that even now, it may be a wrong time to relax our vigilance.

In a study done by the Institute of Science and Technology Austria, utilizing a multivariate method of coronavirus transmission, researchers examined the probability of a vaccine-resistant variant developing in various conditions.

The scenario

The rate of vaccine delivery in a demographic of 10 million people across three years is essential to every scenario. The efficacy of non-pharmaceutical interventions like mask-wearing and social distancing reported Sciencealert.

When everyone gets their complete set of jabs in the sooner, it will guard against the deadly virus, with just a few opportunities for antibody-resistant genes to develop.

It is a better option than having an ever-changing pathogen that jumps and infects everyone, and it allowed the pathogen to pick up changes that will enable it to become a new kind of virulent COVID-19 type.

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The danger of COVID-19 is it might get worse than imagined, able to confuse the immune cells in more ways than expected. If this were to cause a massive outbreak in a group without vaccinations, this would be disastrous for everyone.

What are the risks?

The scientific report published in Nature concluded that an interesting result of the study is that the most significant risk of resistant strain development occurs when a big percentage of people have been vaccinated yet transmission is unregulated.

If the situation is that the new strain does spread unfettered, it will arise even if 60 percent of 10 million citizens are fully immunized.

Suppose many in a population got their complete vaccinations and going with no mask, greeting loved ones in celebration of freedom. Despite this, all the protocols should still be done, not letting down the guard.

The model is based on caution not to foster unnecessary fear.

The researcher reiterates that the best recommendation so a variant won't run rampant in any population is to wear masks, with social distancing. This effort starves the virus of bodies to infect and evolve till it dies out.

Viral evolution is possible if there is other DNA or RNA to manipulate. Some assumptions of viral survival have not been verified fully.

Inside foreign bodies, the virus will be replication itself fast, and it adds more available genes to assemble itself anew! Sometimes it can fool the immune system, T-cells, Neutrophils, even let antibodies slide off.

It takes a one in a million chance for the COVID-19 to enter a body with a supermarket of genes to get, then check out more virulent. A new kind of virulent COVID-19 type happens randomly, but a killing combo virus is not always the case.

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