Former United States President Donald Trump belittled Capitol Hill police who defended the building and the lawmakers inside, calling them cowards and using the slur "pussies" as he continues to dismiss the realities of the deadly, unprecedented assault.

The Republican called Ashli Babbit, who was shot and killed as she was trying to breach the Capitol building, was an "innocent, wonderful, incredible woman" and not a rioter. Additionally, Trump said Capitol was not the real heroes of that day and called them liberal "p*ssies" who hated what MAGA stood for.

Capitol Police Testimonies

Trump had private discussions this summer where he told some people what he thought about Capitol Hill police during the riot. He also noted that the men were "broken" by the events of the January 6 incident, noting they did not possess the necessary toughness that law enforcement should have.

Two sources familiar with the comments and a third source said Trump accused Capitol police of allowing anti-Trump Democratic politicians to control them. The Republican noted individuals such as White House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He argued some simply loathed him and are Democratic themselves, The Daily Beast reported.

When Trump expressed his sympathies for the police who were part of the incident in Capitol Hill, he said he was sorry for them as they were used or exploited by his political rivals. A spokeswoman for Trump did not immediately reply to requests for comments by Thursday.

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There were at least 200 police officers present during the January 6 Capitol Hill riot who defended the building from violent citizens who tried to force their way inside. Many law enforcement personnel have blamed Trump and his allies for allegedly revising the events of that day and the nature of the riot itself.

Michael Fanone, a DC Metropolitan police officer who was dragged by rioters down the Capitol steps and suffered a heart attack, criticized Trump's description of the incident as a "love fest." Last month, he accused the Republican of spreading statements about the riot that were simply lies, Independent reported.

Fanone was among four officers who testified in court in the first hearing of the House select committee where they detailed their experiences at the Capitol Hill riot. The committee was tasked with investigating the incident and detailing the facts.

Racist Slurs

Another police testifying his experiences, Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn, has received racist comments and imagery from members of far-right channels on Telegram. Many users also posted false conspiracy theories about Dunn, saying that he and other people who testified before Congress were "paid actors."

Some users posted screenshots of tweets that they alleged belonged to Dunn, showing his support for former President Barack Obama. The original post also accused Dunn of having a history of anti-Trump statements and had previously supported Black Lives Matter protests.

One of the channels where the screenshots were originally posted also uploaded a GIF of a noose. Other users also referred to Dunn using a racist epithet, Yahoo News reported.

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