Authorities on Monday found the dead body of a 17-year-old believed to have been killed by her relatives for wearing modern clothing.

According to Indian police, the 17-year-old teen living in the Deoria district in Uttar Pradesh was allegedly killed by her uncles and grandfather after she wore jeans. The teen had taken a liking to wearing trousers and tops during her stay in Ludhiana.

Brutal Crime

The victim, whose identity was not disclosed by police officers, had been pressured to change back into native Indian clothing when she returned to her village. She was involved in a scuffle with her male relatives after she refused to change to more traditional clothing after she and her mother returned to the Deoria district, according to the Times of India.

During the brawl, it is believed the girl hit a wall and bled to death. Her relatives then attempted to throw her body off the Patanwa bridge, but the body got stuck on the grille for hours before passersby spotted it and reported the incident.

Indian authorities have since arrested Hasnian, the victim's grandfather. Her uncles still remain at large.

In recent weeks, there have been a series of violence involving young women in India. On Monday, also in Uttar Pradesh, police officers arrested a seven people in connection to a rape case.

According to police reports, a 15-year-old girl belonging to a caste community was raped by a man, his brothers, and friends. Shahzad, 26, allegedly promised to marry the girl if she changed her religion.

However, the perpetrator is already married. Authorities also revealed that he raped the 15-year-old teen several times and even impregnated her. After she revealed that she was with child, the perpetrators' family members forced her to abort the baby, as reported by Zee News.

The girl, who is considered a minor, protested against the abortion; but she was later threatened.

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According to a complaint filed by the victim's family, she was called to Shahzad's house on July 6 where she was later held captive. On July 8, she was raped by his two brothers, Bilal and Farman.

The 15-year-old girl reached home on July 10 and was taken to the doctor on July 17 after her health deteriorated. She then informed her parents about the incident.

Authorities have since arrested Shahzad and his parents. They are still searching for the other people involved in the rape incident.

Similar Crime

Last month, two sisters from a tribal community in the Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh were brutally beaten by their family members after they were caught talking to their uncle's sons on the phone.

A video of the brutal beating circulated across multiple social media platforms, prompting local police officers to register a case and arrest seven people linked to the beating.

In the footage, the women were seen begging for mercy as they were kicked and beaten by their relatives using sticks and stones. The girls were also seen getting dragged by their hair.

The victims, who were revealed to be ages 19 and 20, were initially fearful of filing a complaint. However, one of the women later gave her statement to the police, saying that their cousins and other relatives stopped them near a school before proceeding to beat them.

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