4. Modern jet fighters

These are more than 5th generation stealth fighters with ultra-advanced features on them. These enhanced F-35 fighters will have advanced sensors, drone controls, and advanced long-range missiles on board a new type of airframe.

The Navy is indecisive whether the new fighters will still be flon by a pilot or be remotely controlled by robotic intelligence.

5. Final design still underway for future surface combatants

Under the the Large Surface Combatant program, the aging Aegis cruisers and their Burke-class destroyer cousins shall undergo replacement, states USNI News. Advanced electromagnetic naval artillery and laser anti-missile defense are expected to be incorporated in this program, though the final design is still under development.

American naval forces are always armed with the best equipment like in the Cold War. Some of these are in weapons research, in place on ships, and with others in the manufacturing phase. To defeat the U.S. Navy, China and Russia will need to cover major advancements in optimizing these weapon systems, reported the Nationalist Interest.

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