President Joe Biden did not reach his 70% vaccination goal with the arrival of the Independence Day on Sunday. He was looking to have administered at least one dose to 70% of United States by Sunday. However, the number is approximately 8 million people short of the goal, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Biden has claimed that "America is coming back together" while celebrating in a ceremony on July 4 at the White House. The president also commemorated those who had lost their lives to COVID-19.

18 of 50 States

Merely 18 of 50 states reached their goal of inoculation with at least one dose by the said date. A total of 173,194,895 Americans, or 67.1%, in the US had received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

That makes fewer than half of the country's states to have reached the White House's goal. This comes as the Delta variant becomes prevalent and people gather for holiday celebrations.

The country hit the peak of its immunization rate in mid-April when the seven-day average of daily coronavirus vaccine shots administered hit 3.3 million. The period witnessed at least 1.8 million new people receiving their final dose daily, reported Opoyi.

Nevertheless, Biden has decided to focus on the progress the US has made in recuperating from the pandemic. According to Biden, "This Fourth of July, America is back. We're headed into a summer of joy - of freedom - thanks to the millions of Americans who stepped up to get vaccinated. To the frontline and essential workers who have made this day possible: thank you," reported Fox 9.

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In June, White House officials recognized they would fall short of their goal, which was set in early May when the United States was inoculating people at a much faster pace than it is currently doing so.

The rate of 1.8 million daily was not sustained. It fell to a seven-day average of 1,121,064 doses administered daily as of Saturday. An estimated 685,472 people are becoming fully inoculated daily.

According to White House COVID Response Coordinator Jeff Zients, "We've made a lot of progress, I think more progress, it's fair to say, than anyone had expected, with 2 out of 3 Americans now with at least one shot of vaccine and importantly, close to 90% of those 65 years and older with one shot and close to 80% fully vaccinated. That's particularly important because we started the vaccination campaign focused on the most vulnerable," reported Washington Examiner.

Biden stated this year, July 4th is a special celebration as they are emerging from the darkness of a year of isolation and pandemic, which was a year of fear, pain, and devastating loss. He exhorted the audience to think back to where the country was a year ago and to ponder where they were a year ago and think about how far we they have come.

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