In an interview with Political Strategist Joe Pinion for Newsmax TV, the former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said Biden has no command of his own message. 

Going ballistic was a wrong move

According to the former White House chief of staff, Joe Biden's confrontational behavior with a CNN reporter during the summit showed a president who is not in "command of his own message," reported Newsmax.

As reported by Saturday Agenda, Meadows criticized what he termed as a cocoon. He said that Biden avoided hardball questions from being hurled at him. He said Biden avoided hardball questions from being hurled at him and that he was constantly protected by his aides, refraining the president from answering all the questions thrown at him. Meadows tagged Biden as a president who "disengages." He emphasized that a president should be a person who answers all queries, not avoid them.

Meadows even compared Biden with ex-President Donald Trump, saying that Trump would always answer questions coming from different reporters and networks with no time limit or a cap on the number of questions unliked Biden who would always keep a list of reporters who can interrogate him. Meadows stated that Biden always needs scripts, teleprompters, and notes unlike Trump. 

Lashing out at a CNN reporter

Biden was reported to lash out at a CNN reporter named Kaitlan Collins when asked about being confident that Putin will change his behavioour. This question was followqed by anotgher question, but Biden did not answer it anymore. Instead, he just blurted out, "If you don't understand that you're in the wrong business." He received criticisms for his infuriated behavior. Later, Biden realized that he should apologize to Collins.

Meadows also said that the current president did not have to deal with Jim Acosta, who made it a point to spar with Trump in each press conference. 

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Is Biden not putting America first?

Meadows made an accusation that Biden was trying to placate the other leaders at the G7 event by "basically telling the foreign leaders that he's willng to allow them go first, and he's willing to follow."

He added that Biden should learn the difference between campaigning and acting as a president. 

Meadows also said that he is no longer a candidate who will just sit and wait while others do the campaign. As president, he is making decisions, cited Newszillo.

One point he raised is the ex-president visiting the border with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, while the incumbent President and Vice President Kamala Harris are not going yet.

The former chief of staff said Trump has the answers for relevant problems, compared to the present occupants of the White House.

Lastly, Meadows mentioned that Biden is telegraphing what the US will be doing like canceling the Keystone [XL] Pipeline, and allowing Russia's Nord Stream 2 for cheap gas and oil supply to Germany. He said that the president is not putting America first.

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