New York City mayoral candidate Eric Adams' campaign volunteer was stabbed multiple times after a bout in the Bronx on Sunday. Adams stated the stabbing transpired at 149th St. and Morris Ave.

Adams remarked the volunteer has been working hard and volunteering daily. The volunteer, 42, is currently in surgery at Lincoln Hospital.

In Stable Condition

According to New York Police Department sources, at around 3:30 PM, two men approached the volunteer, who was holding campaign literature. Sources said the victim was carrying campaign flyers at the time of the incident. However, it was not made clear if the victim was out officially volunteering for the campaign when he was stabbed.

One of the men stabbed him four times. Both suspects ran off. The victim then called the attention of police officials near the scene, reported Daily News. The victim was hospitalized at Lincoln Hospital and is apparently in stable condition now.

An ice pick and knife were recovered from the scene. Investigators think the ice pick that was found in the scene belonged to the victim, according to police sources. According to the police, no arrests have been made.

While police officials are currently probing into the incident, the exact circumstances surrounding the crime are not known. An expounded description of the suspects was not immediately made available. The motive for the crime was also not released. However, the sources stated the attack was caught on footage.

Adams confirmed on Twitter that the 42-year-old was one of his mayoral campaign volunteers. He said the volunteer had to undergo surgery due to the assault. He added, "We pray for him. This violence must stop."

Adams spoke at an unrelated campaign event in the borough on Sunday night. He said one of their most committed volunteers had been admitted to the hospital. According to the Democratic mayoral hopeful, "We had a campaign volunteer, he was stabbed multiple times by an ice pick. That is one of the most dangerous weapons you can use with a stabbing. He went into surgery. We believe he has stabilized," reported New York Post

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Adams, the Brooklyn borough president, has been the frontrunner in recent polls in the Democratic mayoral primary. Many candidates who are his opponents in the race responded to the incident on Twitter. Other New York City public officials and candidates decried the attack. They offered well wishes for Adam's team and the victim. At least five Democratic mayoral candidates, including Kathryn Garica, Maya Wiley, and Andrew Yang, proffered their good wishes to Adams and his team through the social media platform.

According to Adams' campaign spokesperson, the mayoral candidate would visit the victim as soon as possible.

This incident follows a particularly violent attack caught on footage where a video shows gunning incident on a Bronx sidewalk on Thursday that narrowly missed two children.

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