The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has made 169 million payments for the third batch of stimulus checks, totaling $395 billion, one $1,400 check at a time, as of this week. However, the IRS is not yet finished, and payments are still being sent out in weekly batches. There is still time if you have not received yours.

If you have not received your third stimulus check, there might be a problem with your payment. For example, there might be a delay in postal delivery, or the IRS might have inaccurate direct deposit information for you. If you receive SSI, SSDI, or veterans benefits, you may face additional issues. Perhaps the IRS issued you a letter stating that your $1,400 payment had been delivered, but the check never came.

Missing the first, second, or third stimulus check?

Certainly, the IRS does not want you to contact them about a missing stimulus check. It is worthwhile to check the IRS's online portal for updates on your 2021 payment, specifically the third stimulus check. In general, it should notify you when your check will be processed and how you will get it, such as by mail as a paper check.

Meanwhile, if you cannot find the IRS letter for the first or second payment, you will need to create an online profile with the IRS to check your status. Even if you do not generally file a tax return, you may need to issue a payment trace or file for a recovery rebate credit if there are any issues. Per CNET, the deadline for filing taxes without an extension was May 17.

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How to track your stimulus check with the Get My Payment tool

The IRS's "Get My Payment" tool may be used to track the condition of stimulus checks. The website serves as a virtual gateway for finding out when and how qualifying beneficiaries may expect to be paid. 

"As we continue to process tax returns, we're issuing the third wave of Economic Impact Payments to qualified taxpayers each week," said the site's statement, as per The Sun. It may take longer, according to the IRS. Direct deposit, a paper check delivered by snail mail, or a debit card is the three payment options used by the agency.

There is also a possibility of getting extra money. The site explains what is known as "plus-up payments," which provide more assistance to people who may need it depending on their 2020 tax return filings.

It is also worth noting that if you received a follow-up, or plus-up, stimulus payment after filing your 2020 tax returns, the amount of the original payment will not appear in your online portal. The amount of the plus-up payment will be shown. The status of the stimulus check is the same, according to Digital Marketer.

When you enter the Get My Payment tracker, you will see one of the following notifications: payment status, payment status is not available, and need more information. 

"Payment status" means that your stimulus payment is on track, and you should get it on the specified date, either by direct deposit into your account or in the mail. If you are receiving your stimulus payment via mail, allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. This notice might potentially indicate that though you are qualified for payment, your stimulus check has not yet been processed, and your payment date has not yet been set.

If it says "payment status is not available", it indicates that your stimulus payment status has not been updated on the tracker, either because it has not been processed or because you are not qualified for a payment based on the IRS's information.

"Need more information" means your return has been handled. However, the account information is unavailable, and your payment has not yet been delivered. It might also signify that your stimulus check was returned to the IRS because the postal agency was unable to identify your address.

If a third stimulus check is returned by the postal service, you will be allowed to use the Get My Payment tool to update your bank account details. Your payment can then be reissued directly through your bank. If you fail to provide any bank details, your stimulus check will be reissued by the IRS, but only when they receive a fresh address.

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