United States President Joe Biden recently warned the Russian government of "robust and meaningful" consequences if the government continues to engage in what the Democrat called "harmful activities."

Biden's statement and the alleged threat come after making his first overseas trip aimed at strengthening ties with surrounding allies. The Democrat arrived in the UK on Wednesday for diplomatic reasons.

A new "Atlantic Charter" will be discussed between Biden and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The agreement is a modern take of the old one forged in 1941 between Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt. The pact focused on global challenges such as climate change and security.

International Conflict

Biden will spend eight days in the European region and will meet the Queen at Windsor Castle, attend a G7 leaders' meeting, and attend his first-ever Nato summit as president of the United States. At the end of his political trip, the Democrat is scheduled to meet with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Geneva, BBC reported.

During the meeting, the White House said Biden plans to raise several issues to Putin, including arms control, climate change, military involvement of Russia in Ukraine, the country's cyber-hacking activities, and the imprisonment of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny.

On Wednesday, Biden addressed U.S. troops and their families at the RAF Mildenhall airbase in Suffolk. He later went on towards Cornwall, saying he was going to deliver a clear message to the Russian president.

The United States is not seeking to start a conflict with Russia but is only looking to create a stable and predictable relationship, Biden said. He noted, however, that his government could respond accordingly if Putin allows Russia to engage in "harmful activities."

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Working with Other Countries

Biden announced this was his first trip overseas as president of the United States, telling troops he would address issues with other international leaders when he meets them. He added the United States was back to work with democratic nations to tackle global challenges together.

Before leaving on his trip, Biden told reporters his main goal during the overseas trip was to show how close the United States and Europe were, to make a statement meant for Putin and China, B World Online reported.

Additionally, Biden is bringing a gift during his trip to Europe, giving nations 500 million Pfizer Inc/BioNTech coronavirus vaccines. The distribution will last for the next two years and signals goodwill from the U.S. to European regions.

Previously, Biden opposed the Brexit movement that Johnson supported. The Democratic leader also expressed his concern for the future of Northern Ireland. He also called a British leader a "physical and emotional clone" Trump before.

However, despite their differences, the British government said Johnson and Biden had similar perspectives and viewpoints regarding several global challenges, including climate change and the need for international institutions. But Johnson has previously expressed his discontent with the lack of a new trade deal with the United States, Euro News reported.

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