SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk appears to have received threats from Anonymous, the world-famous cyber activist group that has breached many governments and other agencies' systems. Anonymous has criticized the Tesla CEO for his apparent similarity to other corrupt billionaires, reported Newsweek vis MSN

The video is three minutes and 47 seconds long and starts by saying that Anonymous has a message for Musk. The recording quickly went viral on social media platforms, gaining more than one million views within 24 hours.

The video lists various criticisms about Musk from several media reports in previous years. The video referenced Musk's alleged responsibility for the conditions at Tesla factories, calling them "intolerable" for employees. It also referenced an article claiming the CEO's family had an emerald mine in Zambia, Independent reported.

The voice in the recording also criticized many of Musk's previous public comments, such as when he wrote, "we will coup whoever we want" after the US-backed coup in Bolivia. Musk also joked about becoming the "imperator of Mars."

The voice on the screen said Musk was the same as other narcissistic billionaires who prioritized themselves over others. But the video's main focus was the CEO's previous post on Twitter regarding Bitcoin.

Anonymous Threats

The voice said Musk seemingly enjoyed destroying people's lives when he toyed with the crypto markets. It added that Musk was not concerned for the well-being of the average working person affected by his statements.

The video continued to warn Musk about the gravity and power of his words and how these words can affect other people. Near the end of the recording, the voice warned the CEO he was not the smartest man in the room now that Anonymous was out to get him, Forbes reported.

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However, YourAnonNews, the most popular Twitter Anonymous account worldwide with about 6.7 million followers, denied being responsible for the video. Additionally, the @BscAnon account denied any connection to the viral threat video, saying it was not one of their videos.

In a June 5 blog post, the YourAnonCentral account with more than 5.9 million followers, affirmed that the video did come from Anonymous. The social media account said Anonymous created the video as a challenge to the billionaire after he allegedly crashed Bitcoin stocks on purpose. It added the hacktivist group wasted no time in bringing the CEO's controversies into the light.

Doubts over Anonymous

The YouTube channel where the video was posted only had 152,000 subscribers, increasing doubts it is from the real Anonymous. Since it was created on December 24, 2015, the page has only uploaded three videos, including the one targeting Musk.

In contrast, the YouTube account most popular among the public, the Anonymous Official channel, has been uploading videos since January 24, 2012. The video page has acquired more than 3.51 million subscribers since its inception and has not posted anything related to the threats on Musk.

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