A recently released bodycam video shows how Ronald Greene died wherein Louisiana troopers were seen engaging the black man after a high-speed chase. Family and supporters claim that the actions of the police lead to the man's death.

Bodycam video shows how Greene died

The Associated Press obtained footage of the arrest on May 10, 2019, after officials refused to disclose it for about two years.

In the bodycam video, the authorities engaged Greene, 49, after chasing him due to his failure to pull over in Monroe. Before getting the black man, they needed to force him to get out of his car.

Reports say that he died in their custody when they finally attempted to arrest him. He was heard saying, "I am your brother! I'm scared! I'm scared," as he got zapped with a non-lethal weapon, reported New York Post.

The 46-minute video shows one trooper who took down the black man into the ground as a precaution. Then he was seen engaging in physical actions recorded by the bodycam video. Meanwhile, another trooper spoke harsh words as it happened.

At one point, Greene said he was sorry, and another officer used his stun gun on his backside, warning him to follow them. Then ordered the arrested man to place his hand behind his back.

He was also momentarily pushed facedown by another officer after his legs were shackled and his hands were cuffed behind his back, as seen in the video.

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Then, he was left alone, lying face down while making sounds for nine minutes while the officers use sanitary wipes to remove blood from their hands and faces. 

It was all seen in the video as the arrest progressed. A trooper can be heard saying that he hoped Greene did not have AIDS.

Several minutes later, Greene was limp, unresponsive, and had bruises on the head and face.

Greene Autopsy, Family Release Graphic Photos

According to authorities, his cause of death was not verified. But the video's release received backlash from racial activists. One piece of information said that it was the black man's fault because the car rammed a tree.

His family has filed a case and alleged a wrongful death suit in federal court, claiming that troopers caused severe harm and battered him, resulting in cardiac arrest.

Mina Hardin, his mother, spoke against the troopers involved.

"They killed him. She said, "It was planned out; it was prepared. He had no chance. Ronnie wasn't going to stand a chance," said Insider.

An independent autopsy on Greene stated that there were "blunt force injuries to the head/face; facial lacerations, abrasions, contusions," as well as multiple "scalp lacerations," as per APNews. Two graphic photos were also released showing bruises on his face and scalp. Greene's family previously posted these photos on social media.

In an attempt to sensationalize the Greene incident, Lee Merritt, the family's counsel, said that what happened was similar to that of George Floyd. He said the length of the video and the conduct of the troopers was like Floyd's encounter. To make a point, he emphasized that the man wanted to surrender.

The Louisiana State Police did not leave any comment about the bodycam video showing police brutality that may have caused the death of Greene. Still, they said the video was released too early and did not help the investigators.

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