The UH-60 Black Hawk is the multi-use helicopter of the U.S. Army. It is has been used for many years and will be replaced soon. It has been carrying U.S. troops into warzones and served in several wars. One of the best-built helicopters to service several militaries.

Black Hawk

Made to carry medium to heavy equipment on the battlefield for the army, it is equipped with better than one twin-engine. It has a 4-bladed rotor and a single 4-bladed tail rotor on its chassis. It can also carry three crew members, one pilot, co-pilot, and crew chief aboard.

To prevent the rotors from getting damaged with titanium-cored rotor blades to keep it flying. Even enemy calibers up to 23mm, pressurized sensors that detect pressure loss. Keeping rotors in flight and keeping the Black Hawk flying in even under enemy fire. 

The A model UH-60 can carry 11 troopers with the 3 crew, serving in several roles like utility, air assault, medevac, command and control, and reconnaissance, where it's needed. Conversion to medivac roles started in 1981.

The landing gear is a dragging tail wheel, two non-movable main gear struts, including a rotating lockable tail wheel. If used in colder environments that have land skis, adaptability for its destination is an asset.

A maximum of 20 light troops is the total capacity the UH-60 Black Hawk can carry. About 11 or 14 heavy troops can be carried in it. Carrying a total limit of 8,000 pounds with a cargo hook for equipment. Loading is via two sliding doors on either side of the helicopter.

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Other equipment systems

Equipped with ESSS (carries cargo) on the wings over the cargo bay doors. The wing has two replaceable pylons that carry 5,000 pounds each. Mounting an extra fuel tank that will increase the range to 1,200 nautical miles. For combat missions, about 16-Hellfires for ground targets are used. If needed, extra missiles can be carried for rearming themselves.

The ESSS makes it a cargo mule for the US army that means a lot. Missions for combat or utility are what makes it versatile. Few helicopters except the older Bell Huey can claim the same.

Engines and fuel capacity

Equipped with two General Electric turboshaft engines with 1,560 shaft horsepower each total power output. Dual fuel tanks carry 360 gallons total if the wing has two extra tanks with 430 gallons. 

Added fuel inside the cargo bay is 185-gallons for endurance and longer range. Flying one engine is possible if it happens.

Electronic equipment and weapons

Completing the equipment are radios in several frequencies and IFF identification (Identification Friend or Foe), detecting missiles with radar warning systems and infrared countermeasures, with anti-missile chaff dispenser. These systems protect the helicopter from missiles fired at it.

If the Black Hawk needs to fight, it can use several weapons on pintle mounts. They carry several kinds of machine guns, from 7.62 to.50 caliber for anti-personnel or armor-the missile on the cargo harness for Hellfires, FFAR, Stingers, and more.

These weapons and countermeasures protect variants of the UH-60A Blackhawk in service. Its most recent variant, the UH-60L, with several upgrades, is to be replaced by the M variant. All this makes it why the US army chooses it.

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