Houston streets, car accident law firms, and their corresponding car wreck lawyers frequently see fatal car accidents, sometimes multiple in one day alone. But did you know that Interstate 45, a busy interstate that runs through Houston, has been claimed as one of the most dangerous interstates in the country?

According to Popular Mechanics, as stated by the Houston Culture Map, I-45 in Houston ranks as the most dangerous road in the United States. The article elaborates on this claim with the following statistics:

The article further states that many of the deaths on I-45 are caused by drivers not obeying traffic laws. For instance, congestion, texting while driving, driving while drunk, and driving at high speeds are some of the reasons why there are excessive deaths on this highway, and why Texas car accident lawyers are frequently dialed.

We must always stay vigilant while driving. Now that I-45 is considered one of the worst roads to drive on in Texas, being a defensive driver, rather than a negligent one, will prevent unlawful accidents in the future.

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