Authorities said Friday that a man who barricaded himself in a North Carolina house with a woman and two children shot and injured three police officers who attempted to reach the place during the hours-long standoff.

North Carolina man shoots and injures three police officers

The woman was found dead, and the police later shot the suspect. The children were uninjured, and the North Carolina police officers' injuries were not life-threatening, said Travis Stroud, chief of High Point Police.

As a man shot at the officers assisting the local Greensboro Police Department, the nearly 11-hour standoff ended, and they returned fire, killing the suspect, Stroud said. The name of the woman and cause of death weren't released immediately. The chief said he assumed she was in a relationship with the suspect, ABC News reported.

After 11 P.M., the standoff began on Thursday, as North Carolina police officers responded to a call of shots being fired. The North Carolina man was spotted in the yard, and they attempted to speak with him, but he was uncooperative. Stroud said he then went inside and came back out grabbing a rifle that looked similar to an AR-15.

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A military squad and delegates arrived, and researchers discovered that there were a woman and kids inside. Officers attempted to reach the home approximately four hours after the siege. The suspect opened fire at the police officers with no contact from him, striking three of them, Stroud said.

The gunman fired at tactical officers supporting the local Greensboro Police Department at about 10:15 A.M., and they returned fire, killing him, Stroud said.

Two officers were assessed for wounds to the hand and shoulder and released. A third officer was operated on for a leg cut. The three of them were doing well and were supposed to recover, said Stroud.

According to Fox News, the standoff ended in the late morning but did not exactly provide details about how it finished. The suspect's identity was not released publicly, and the police said they believed no one else was in the home. Reporters from several news sources witnessed heavy bangs and more law enforcement cars rushing to the scene just before Truitt said the standoff was over.

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Another North Carolina shooting was live-streamed on Facebook

On Wednesday night, a shooting that involved a mother and her teenage daughter was live-streamed on social media.

According to WBTW, the fighting has begun virtually, according to the police. Two teenage girls argued via social media, but things turned physical on Wednesday night. Police claimed the teenagers were arguing at home on Gold Street in front of a crowd when one of the girls' mothers moved to break up the fight.

That was when the police reported that the gunman opened fire. The mother was shot numerous times, while her 16-year-old daughter was hit at least once, police said. Both the mother and the teen were hospitalized for non-life-threatening conditions. Shelby Police informed FOX 46 that they had a suspect, but that individual was not in custody yet.

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