The U.S. Navy sends warship into Taiwan Strait to sail international waters, despite Chinese opposition to American ships plying the Strait. China claims in this body of water is denied, and assert the right to sail.

Taiwan Straits is one possible flashpoint in the South China Sea; the Biden administration has chosen to continue the past administration's policy.

U.S. Navy sailed through the contested Strait

Last Thursday, the United States Navy conducted a navigation operation freedom as an escalation in Chinese threats through diplomatic channels and media. Sailing through the Strait in a fully armed guided-missile destroyer is one of the Biden administration's way of continuing what the former administration policy set, reported NTD.

China has repeatedly sent planes and even their naval ships to intimidate the Island republic of Taiwan. These operations' objective is to push back against China's claims that the island is part of their territory. China regards the activities of the U.S. as meddling into its internal affairs.

It is international waters, not China's exclusive territory

Sources report the passing of the Taiwan Strait done by the Japan-based USS John S McCain has not violated international law because anyone can pass. The statement of Joe Kelley, a spokesperson for the U.S. Navy's 7th Fleet, affirming nothing is illegal. He added Beijing's claim is not legal.

He added the USS McCain transit through the Taiwan Strait shows commitment to a "free and open Indo-Pacific." Adding the U.S. military will fly and sail where international law permits it. Kelly said the statement as a counter to China's protests.

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Freedom of navigation operations (FONOPS) have been conducted by Australia, which China did not take lightly. This region in the Indo-Pacific has seen several nations acting against China's usurping territories by passing through them.

Biden's foreign policy mettle is tested by the commitment of the U.S. to Taiwan. It is the second run-in of his administration as the navy sends warship into Taiwan Strait.

Taiwan belongs to China.

Beijing says the small self-proclaimed independent state will be reclaimed because it is China's territory. The 24 million-strong democracy off the mainland is Chinese subjects who have been independent for a long time.

Beijing is incensed at any nation recognizing Taiwan with the One-China-Policy. Any dealing with them is prohibited, but the U.S. actions show otherwise.

The new administration's first week showed an unusual boldness by the CCP, with a large squadron of fighters flying too close for comfort. Taipei sent up F-16s that were far more capable than J-11s to stay aloft and keep watch.

The U.S. declares support for the embattled island

Freedom of navigation operations (FONOPS) is done regularly by the U.S. Navy to patrol the waters close to the East China Sea. All China's claims are subject to the regular passing of U.S. naval ships to push back against.

One of the last FONOPS conducted in the previous administration was on New Year's Eve with John McCain, and the Curtiss Wilbur sailed into the straits.

First FONOPS was in 2016 and then in 2020, with 13 times sailed through according to the 7th Fleet. Operations like them are vital to keeping morale high with the U.S. and allies. The U.S. Navy sends warship into Taiwan Strait to show U.S. support and commitment as China looms.

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