As the revelation came out that Subway's tuna sandwich does not even contain fish, the American fast food restaurant franchise is now being sued.

Based on two Bay Area customers who said that if a consumer will be buying Subway's tuna sandwich, chances are they will be eating allegedly a sandwich that was made from anything but tuna.

No Tuna in Tuna Sandwich

Last week, two residents of Alameda County filed a lawsuit in the federal court in San Francisco, as they accused Subway of misrepresenting its tuna sandwich.

The plaintiffs who were identified as Nilima Amin and Karen Dhanowa claimed that they have performed independent lab tests of samples of tuna which are taken from numerous Subway branches in the state of California.

According to the complaint by the plaintiffs, the tests that they have run proved that the said tuna used by Subway is in fact a mixture of numerous concoctions that do not constitute tuna.

They also added that the American fast food restaurant franchise is actually blending the ingredients together in order to create and imitate the appearance of tuna.

On the other hand, the said complaint does not have any specification regarding the information from the lab tests were revealed or even the components of does Subway's tuna sandwich has.

According to DailyMail, Subway has denied the said claims and clarified that the tuna used in their sandwiches is real and were freshly caught fish at the sea.

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In addition, the spokesperson of the company shared that the said claims are meritless and emphasized that there is no truth behind the allegations thrown at them as mentioned in the complaint that was filed in the state of California.

Also, the spokesperson stated that their company is delivering 100 percent pure cooked tuna to their restaurants, and after receiving it, it is mixed with mayonnaise and filled in freshly made sandwiches, salads, and wraps which they are serving on a daily basis.

Moreover, it is also mentioned that the taste and the quality of their tuna is the reason why Subway's tuna sandwich is one of their most popular product consumed by the public.

Also, the spokesperson emphasized that these baseless accusations threaten to damage their franchisees, which are small business owners who are working tirelessly in upholding the high standards set by Subway in its products which includes its tuna, CBS reported.

The spokesperson also pointed out that the claims were just baseless efforts of mischaracterization and tarnishing the high-quality products that Subway is providing to its customers, not only in California but throughout the world.

Subway's tuna sandwich is billed by the company as freshly baked bread which contains tuna flakes that are balanced, and it needs to with blended with creamy mayo.

Also, when customers purchased their products, they are also given a choice of fresh veggies and crisp in an array of options, USA Today reported via MSN.

Lastly, the Attorney representative of the plaintiffs, Alex Brown, also shared that they are reviewing the complaint and are currently determining the types of ingredients that are used in Subway's tuna sandwich.

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