For those who have hindered mobility, standing after being in a seated position is strenuous. In some cases, getting up after extended periods can even be painful and result in a fall. Lift chairs assist you so that you don't have to exert yourself when getting off your seat.

How Does a Lift Chair Work?

There are different types of chairs; all work with the same basic principle. They all have a lifting system that tilts the back and base of the device forward, gently assisting the user out of the chair.

You operate the chair by remote control. You can enjoy its benefits regardless of your strength level. That's what makes these mobile care devices convenient for older adults, disabled individuals and anyone who struggles to transition from sitting to standing.

There's a wide selection of these devices, from simple recliners to ones with massage and heating features. There are also several recline options you can choose on the remote. This makes finding a comfortable position easy.

Some individuals opt to sleep in their lift chair, rather than a bed. They can get sufficient rest by adjusting it to their preferred position and exerting minimal effort.

Types of Lift Chairs

Lift chairs differ according to their degree of decline and footrest position. There are three main types of lift chairs which are:

  • Two-position

  • Three-position 

  • Infinite 

The two-position lift chair reclines slightly less than the others, to a maximum of 45 degrees. It's a suitable position for reading, watching TV or just relaxing. The three-position option can recline to almost 180 degrees, allowing you to sleep on the device. You can adjust to any position of recline between sitting upright or lying flat.

Infinite chairs offer the most versatile positions. You can choose any recline option between 180 degrees flat, 90 degrees upright or even opt to have your feet higher than your body.

Chair Lift Extra Features

When you shop for the ideal chair lift, you may want to consider one with luxury features. Some of these include:

  • Massage 

  • Tray tables

  • Heat 

  • Removable armrests


This feature is available on more expensive models. The legs and back are usually the focal points, and there are different modes, including pulse, wave, normal or press.


Individuals who are in pain and use heat therapy will benefit from this feature. It also facilitates blood circulation. The heating option is controlled by remote, although different devices may have separate controls for each area.

Removable Armrests

This makes getting in and out of the seat convenient. It also grants more comfortable access to those who need to get on to the seat from a wheelchair.

Tray Tables

If you're going to get a tray table, it's best to get one that's custom-designed for your lift chair. This is so that there's no interference with the lift mechanism. There's also the option of getting an open-arm storage tray you can hide when not in use.

What to Consider when Buying a Lift Chair?

A lift chair is an expensive purchase, and there are several factors that you need to consider before buying. The device should be as comfortable as possible for your needs. The primary considerations are:

  • Type of recliner

  • Features you need

  • Extra fabric, extra pillows or arm covers

  • The chair size

  • Weight capacity of the device

  • The chair style and appearance


It would be best if you did thorough research before deciding on a chair lift. Each person's needs are different, and there are various devices to suit these preferences.