Last Tuesday, the U.S. flexed its aerial might when two B-1B bombers entered the air defense identification zone (ADIZ) of China. Buzzing its airspace as the US Air Force is still carrying its mandate to show China the United States won't relent on its stand in the Indo Pacific.

 Expecting a let-up in American activities would not change, even with uncertainly of Biden's stand on China's belligerence that began during the Obama years. President Trump has made China a top priority on the list, reported Newsweek.

 The supersonic B1-Bs designated as MAZER01 and MAZER02 sortied from Guam, originating from Anderson Air Force Base. From Anderson AFB, the fast bombers then went full burn and penetrated the East China Sea (ADIZ) on Taiwan's northeastern end. This was confirmed by the military flight tracker Aircraft Spots noted on Twitter.

 Unlike shorter ranged craft unequaled, the long-ranged B-1B(Bones) were refueled by two KC-135 Stratotanker called PEARL21 and PEARL22. They were loitering around the Philippine Sea, said sources.

 Usually, most passing planes should ping the national aviation authority, especially in ADIZs like the East China Sea. Although the two Bones just went as planned because some ADIZs and national airspaces are not clearly defined. Meaning the swift American bombers can skim the edges of Chinese airspace freely.

 The American incursion into the East China Sea caused the Chinese to scramble interceptors from its People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLA AF). A video was posted on Weibo social media about the incident.

 The clip lasted for one minute, with the part when there was radio contact with Japan and MAZERO1 when radio was active. At one point, two more voices of the Chinese interceptors ordered the two Bone to leave the airspace.

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American bombers and PLA Air Force bump into one another

 The US Air Force was in the same airspace as a squadron of Chinese planes over the Taiwan Strait. It was confirmed by the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense.

 Reports by Taipei say that Chinese AWACS Shaanxi Y-8s were probing the defenses of Taiwan. They went on a return course when Taiwanese interceptors were flown to intercept them. PLA incursion is getting more as days pass. Along with the Shaanxi Y-8s AWACS, they had an electronic warfare unit (EW) that was is used to get signals from the Taiwanese defense. It was noted by Taipei.

 US Air Force recon missions, according to the South China Sea Strategic Situation Probing Initiative (SCSPI), are not shy about its intel-gathering, said the Chinese body. Newsweek was informed US intel-gathering has doubled, compared to Obama in 2009.

SCSPI claims the USAF used specialize recon craft and even civilian-owned spy planes to tag Chinese military activities. On the East and South China Seas, the Yellow Sea, and Taiwan Strait as indicated in a November 12 report.

The two supersonic bombers called the Bones are made for tactical nuclear strikes, with a massive payload. Not the usual recon package as Taiwanese analysts think the units are telling China to keep out of US Elections, courtesy of Trump, who considers China a threat.

 Two U.S. B-1B Bombers sent headlong buzzing the Chinese air defense identification zone (ADIZ). It is all about reminding China of the lethality of the bones and resources of the US military.

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