Several moderate Democrats have recently been urging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to move forward with a new coronavirus relief package. Officials have argued that blaming and criticizing Senate Republicans and the White House is not helping Americans amid the pandemic.

New coronavirus stimulus relief bill

According to Fox News, Tuesday marked the boldest revolt when the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus proposed a $1.5 trillion coronavirus relief bill. The announcement included the support of 25 Democrats, along with 25 Republicans agreeing on a compromise.

One of the new proposal's supporters includes Representative Max Rose, who expressed his disappointment towards the leadership that disagreed on a new bill.

Rose noted that it had been four months since the HEROES Act, which included a $3 trillion fund, was passed, and no legislation was approved. The politician added that he and other Democrats have been calling out to House leaders to place another proposal on the floor, which could be passed into law.

During an interview, Rose said that the pressure comes from both sides of the government because Americans are tired of waiting for a bill that is not coming amid their suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Democratic official told the leadership to stop with their charades and politics and told them to end the stupidity because they have to put the country's best interests first.

The efforts of the Problem Solvers aimed to break the stalled discussions about a new coronavirus stimulus relief bill. The talks between Pelosi, Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer, and the White House have been delayed due to varying interests on how much funding would be given out.

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Varying perspectives

On Tuesday, all eight major Democratic committee chairs released a joint statement that rejected the bipartisan plan. It argued that the amount it proposed was insufficient in helping the lives of Americans or boosting the country's economy.

However, Speaker Pelosi denied the calls of the Democrats who are pushing for a new stimulus relief bill and emphasizing the country's need for the White House to agree on a $2.2 trillion package, as reported by Bloomberg.

On Wednesday, Pelosi said that they wanted to push a proposal that would eventually become law. She added that several officials urged for a vote to move the HEROES Act forward, which she also refused to accept.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany also said that United States President Donald Trump had plans to release a new stimulus bill and called Pelosi as being unproductive in her efforts.

Speaker Pelosi noted that the White House is only interested in giving out $1,200 stimulus checks that would be given out under Trump's name before the November elections. She said the move undermined the other needs of the American people, including food and shelter.

The House speaker added the issue was not about the back-and-forth blaming, but rather, it was about meeting the needs of the American citizens. Pelosi said the situation called for something more than just simple proposals and small packages.

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